A cup of tea solves everything.

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I am going to be leaving RP for a bit as well as Wyrmrest Accord but I have one final piece I wanted to post before I said goodbye for now—

Pandaria had been their place to escape, had been their place of comfort and solitude away from the hustle and bustle of their insignificant lives. It brought them peace of mind and a sound heart; it was the only place where they could truly speak their minds and be their true selves for a small window of time.


Pink slowly raised her head and blinked her eyes as the area around her came into focus. The smell of campfire filled her nostrils as the blurry shapes took on their forms, speaking in a tongue she did not recognize. Her eyes widen as her vision settled and the unsettling scene that lay before her.


Seven of them munched and slurped on their meals, raising their voices at one another as their argument raged on. These must have been the trolls that were trying to invade Kun-Lai, just a bit north of where Delvan and Pink had been staying.

The magus tilted her head to the side as she tugged on her hand, noticing two things:  she had a massive headache and she was tied up against the cave wall.

She made no peep as she continued to survey her surroundings and began to form a plan of escape. The magus noted that the trolls had several weapons to each body but nothing lying around or in reach.

One of the trolls slowly stood and pointed towards Magus Pink, waving his massive digit as he clamored his argument. All their eyes shifted towards her, a few of them offering a crooked grin.

Pink glared at them with her cerulean blue eyes and she tugged on the ropes that were digging into her wrists. Judging by the cuts from the ropes she must have been up there for a few days.

Where was Delvan? She thought to herself.

One of the trolls picked up his club and swung it at Pink’s belly. She let out a sharp cry as the wind was knocked out of her.

Where was her family? She thought to herself.

Tears began to form around her eyes as she readied herself for another blow from the Troll. He cackled as his club swung.

Where were her friends? She thought to herself.

The club struck her across the face. Pink could feel the warmth of her blood trickle down her chin as she tried to stifle her cries.

I still have so much to do… This can’t be it…

A loud crack could be heard as the club hit her rib cage. The Troll did not take kindly to Pink’s refusal to show her pain. Pink screamed on the top of her lungs as her body felt like it was on fire.


The troll grinned as he raised his club up above his head, for one final swing.

My wolf… I love you with all my heart.

Darkness crept over Pink.

Before the Troll could get the satisfaction of the final swing, with her last breath- Pink entombed herself in a cocoon of ice, frozen against the wall of the cave.

A smile is spread across her now blue lips as her eyes tell the real story, they watch the entrance of the cave for him.

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Just a random quick doodle I did earlier today.


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The ned ofthe world is coming, top 5 things your muse wants to do before the apocalypse?

1. Oodles of love making with Sir Delvan Tarmikos.

2. Actually admit she loves to go fishing and not just use the excuse for “academic purposes”.

3. Stuff her face with Pandaren cuisine and not worry about getting fat.

4. Window watch Khristov and Lady Fairfax. *wiggles eyebrows*

5. More of number one.

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Pink on the Beta!

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OOC- pax 2014 

My friend was working a booth and he was able to smuggle me in!

Got to watch a few League championship matches and try out some amazing games!

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Party In Pandaria!

What: In character party in Pandaria.

Who: Alliance on the Wymrest Accord server.

When: Saturday September 6th, at 6:00pm server time.

Where: In Pandaria, location to be announced later.

Send in game mail/tell or tumblr message to Pink for more information or if you would like a calendar invite!

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Beth Kirby

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Everything in this is why fall is my favorite time of year. 

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Treepot! I need one of these :D

$800, god damn

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freiha no

Mam, calm yo titty-cannon.

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